“The Message” (the Bible in contemporary language)

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I truly love the Bible, but for reasons different than one might think. While it is the narrative foundation for my convictions and beliefs, I love the Bible as an amazing work of literature, poetry, symbolism and world view. I continually find myself amazed by this compilation of 66 books written by at least 39… Read more

Quotes from “the Christian atheist”

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Craig Groeschel has written one of those books that cannot be captured by a collection of quotes. Perhaps the subtitle comes closest to capturing the essence – “Believing in God but Living as if He Doesn’t Exist.” Even at that, the book in its entirety is required to establish its full value. Nonetheless, here are… Read more

Review of “the Christian atheist” – Craig Groeschel

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I have long known Groeschel to be a capable speaker who led a breakthrough multi-campus church environment, Life Church. I had not, however, considered him to be an author worth my limited amount of free time. Yet, the title of his latest book intrigued me greatly – the Christian atheist: Believing in God but Living… Read more

Review of “We the Living” – Ayn Rand

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This is Rand’s earliest and perhaps most personal work. In Kira, we discover the the beginnings of Rand’s personal philosophy – Objectivism. If you are looking for a good story, turn elsewhere. If you are wanting to understand more about Ayn Rand, there are later books to more clearly gain this insight. However, if you… Read more

Review of “Total Money Makeover” – Dave Ramsey

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“LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE SO LATER YOU CAN LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE” – Dave Ramsey I was getting ready to take my daughter to volleyball practice and walked over to the bookshelf. This is when I realized that my planned reading had not been planned out too well – I had already finished… Read more