Review and Quotes from “Lance Armstrong: It’s Not About the Bike”

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The title of the book is “Lance Armstrong”. The subtitle is “It’s Not About the Bike”. The sub-subtitle, which is the one I actually like, is “My Journey Back to Life”. The book was written with the assistance of renowned autobiographer Sally Jenkins. I read the book at the suggestion of a friend as “light… Read more

Review and Quotes from “Enemies of the Heart” – Andy Stanley

March 5, 2013 2013 Reading List Quotes Reviews 3

I came across this book when buying Deep & Wide and was caught completely off guard because I didn’t know the book, Enemies of the Heart existed. To my knowledge, I have read everything written by Andy Stanley and was amazed that a book had made it past my radar. Anyway, I bought it along… Read more

“Sticky Faith” – Powell & Clark (a review and quotes)

February 8, 2013 2013 Reading List Quotes Reviews 0

The first half of this book contained several common statistics and basic facts that we have all heard. If I were not the type to finish what I start, the book would have been left unfinished. Unexpectedly, the book took a turn from informational to practical. As I read through the chapters on justice, senior… Read more

“Deep and Wide” – Andy Stanley (a review and collection of quotes)

January 22, 2013 2013 Reading List Quotes Reviews Thoughts 0

If you know the basis for the title, you are most likely among those who need to read this book the most. While I believe that Andy wrote the book for point leadership people within the church, I found a plethora of applications for life and business. It is a work of genius. Andy follows… Read more

“A Year with C.S. Lewis – Daily Readings from His Classic Works”

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This is my annual devotional. Since 2010, I have received daily insights and inspiration from one of the greatest thinkers of all time.