Review and Quotes from “Lance Armstrong: It’s Not About the Bike”

Lance ArmstrongThe title of the book is “Lance Armstrong”. The subtitle is “It’s Not About the Bike”. The sub-subtitle, which is the one I actually like, is “My Journey Back to Life”. The book was written with the assistance of renowned autobiographer Sally Jenkins. I read the book at the suggestion of a friend as “light reading that would help me to fall asleep.” The problem is, I was so interested in the story that I read it in 3 nights lasting to 2am, 4am and 1am respectively.

The most interesting thing is that, given what we know today, the book is only part autobiographical. At least some element of the book is fictional. Throughout the pages, the reader finds references to Armstrong’s struggles with media and officials over doping allegations. Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “Lance Armstrong: It’s Not About the Bike””

Review and Quotes from “Enemies of the Heart” – Andy Stanley

enemiesoftheheartI came across this book when buying Deep & Wide and was caught completely off guard because I didn’t know the book, Enemies of the Heart existed. To my knowledge, I have read everything written by Andy Stanley and was amazed that a book had made it past my radar. Anyway, I bought it along with D&W and put it in the queue to read later.

A couple of month’s pass and it is time for my next book. I go to the shelf and see that Enemies of the Heart has made it to the front of the line. I am delighted. Andy has a way of taking things I have known since I was a child and bringing them to life for me here and now in a fresh, new way. A couple of chapters into the book, I am feeling a bit of deja vu. I read a little further and I am sure that I have read these words before. I set the book down and get on the Internet to do some checking. Then, I find that the “new” book, Enemies of the Heart, was previously released as It Came from Within. Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “Enemies of the Heart” – Andy Stanley”

“Sticky Faith” – Powell & Clark (a review and quotes)

sticky-faith1The first half of this book contained several common statistics and basic facts that we have all heard. If I were not the type to finish what I start, the book would have been left unfinished. Unexpectedly, the book took a turn from informational to practical. As I read through the chapters on justice, senior year transition and college beginnings, several thoughts were affirmed and new ideas were generated. I am grateful for having stuck with Sticky Faith.

A few quotes highlighted along the way:

“Deep and Wide” – Andy Stanley (a review and collection of quotes)

Deep and WideIf you know the basis for the title, you are most likely among those who need to read this book the most. While I believe that Andy wrote the book for point leadership people within the church, I found a plethora of applications for life and business. It is a work of genius. Andy follows his own advice for speaking in this writing. He drew me in with a personal story of which I had often wondered, but knew very little. Having been a pastor’s son myself, I connected and felt the tension. I do believe, however, that the authenticity with which the story was told would have captured me even if I didn’t have the personal connection. From there, practical advice was given at every turn of the page. The great thing is that it doesn’t stop there. Andy is bold enough to assume that some will desire to take his advice and willingly offers his blueprint for implementation. Continue reading ““Deep and Wide” – Andy Stanley (a review and collection of quotes)”