Review and Quotes from “Thou Shall Prosper” by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

ThouShallProsperThis book offers 10 commandments for making money. The fact that Dave Ramsey had taken the time to read and write a forward for the book was the premise for battling through the poorly written and slow introductory chapters; however, I am glad I kept going. The book ended up being a very worthwhile real and brought on considerable thought to how I think about the business opportunities in my life.

The 10 commandments offered are:

  1. Believe in the Dignity and Morality of Business
  2. Extend the Network of You Connectedness to Many People
  3. Get to Know Yourself
  4. Do Not Pursue Perfection
  5. Lead Consistently and Constantly
  6. Constantly Change the Changeable, While Steadfastly Clinging to the Unchangeable
  7. Learn to Foretell the Future (this is when the book really started showing it’s worth for me)
  8. Know Your Money
  9. Act Rich: Give Away 10 Percent of You After-Tax Income
  10. Never Retire

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Review and Quotes from “#20s Church – open your ministry to the power of a generation”

20s ChurchThis is a quick read about a group of 3 friends who wanted to figure out what is was about some churches that made them vibrant with millennials in an age when most churches report that millennials are leaving not to return. 5 common characteristics are found among those places of fellowship and worship who are successfully reaching our youngest generation:

  1. Authenticity: The Need to be Real
  2. Relatability: The Need to be Known
  3. Community: The Need to Belong
  4. Acceptance: The Need to be Loved
  5. Empowerment: The Need to be Trusted.

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Review and Quotes from “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

Emotional Intelligence 2.0I am a person who is constantly seeking the edge, the means toward improvement. Having come to understand that my IQ (feeble as it may be) is fairly well fixed and my personality solidified during adolescence, it was refreshing to hear that there is another factor – equal in utility – over which I have control. The book includes a test to take prior to reading. On a 0 – 100 scale, I scored 69. Wow! I believe this is the first time I have ever failed a test. Time to get to work. Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “Emotional Intelligence 2.0””

Review and Quotes from “Next – pastoral succession that works”

NextMy home church, Christ Fellowship, is in the first stages of pastoral succession. Our lead pastor, Greg DePriest, has been with the church for 25 years. He is a visionary, leader, theologian, discerner, pastor and so much more. As he moves to the next phase of life, we desire to carry forward as a fellowship seeking to “equip individuals to be all God designed them to be.” Identifying the next pastor is something we take seriously. After much thought and study, we chose to retain the services of Vanderbloemen Search Group. This organization has a tremendous reputation for helping churches navigate the succession process. Next is a book, written by their founder – William Vanderbloemen, to help give insight and an overview about what to expect along with several best practices. The book has proven to be of great value to our team. Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “Next – pastoral succession that works””

Review and Quotes from “Game Theory, a nontechnical introduction”

GameTheoryI have always enjoyed math. There is always a right answer. That’s generally how I approach life, seeking right answers to every problem, circumstance and situation.

This book was given to me by a business partner and friend whom I greatly admire. He often compliments my intuition and implicit capabilities. I have wondered what he means by this. I have generally just considered many of my actions to be common sense responses. Game Theory has helped me to recognize that much of what I thought was common sense may actually be the secret marriage of my love for math and real world dilemmas. Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “Game Theory, a nontechnical introduction””