“Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens

OliverTwistI have taken a break from my normal cycle of 4 educational books followed by 1 enjoyment reading and repeat. I found that I was no longer enjoying my reading time as much as I have throughout my adult life. After much consideration, it came to me that the lack of time for implementation of learnings was likely the cause of my dismay. So, as opposed to slowing my reading, I chose to extend my enjoyment reading for a dedicated season. This Dickens novel is the first of this new season in my life and I am very thankful for it.

I am not sure if Oliver Twist was a part of my educational curriculum or not; it would not have made a difference either way. I worked harder to successfully avoid assigned reading without sacrificing the final grade during school years that it would have taken to simply read what I was supposed to. Either way, I am glad to have read this book.

Dickens walks a wonderful balance of description and story allowing readers to feel as if they truly know the characters and scenes while remaining eager for the next moment of activity. I thoroughly enjoyed the tales with despise and elation as each scene would dictate. In the end, I cheered with joy at the final fortune of our hero. Still, I wish there were more to read on the rest of Twist’s life. Given his history, I have a feeling his future was quite adventurous.

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