Being In Love – Valentine’s Week Inspiration from C.S. Lewis

February 16, 2016 Quotes 0

If the old fairy-tale ending ‘They lived happily ever after’ is taken to mean ‘They felt for the next fifty years exactly as they felt the day before they were married,’ then it says what probably never was nor ever would be true, and would be highly undesirable if it were. Who could bear to… Read more

Chosen for Pain?

February 2, 2016 Thoughts 1

My beautiful daughter has lived with continual pain for more than 5 years. A number of specialists from local providers, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Duke University Medical Center have confirmed rotator cuff damage, thoracic outlet syndrome and partial rib development to be the root cause of her hurts. This led to multiple trips for multiple surgeries resulting… Read more

Anxious, Worthless and Bears – Oh my!

December 5, 2015 Thoughts 0

Bears – I live in a nice neighborhood on the outskirts of town where neighbors wave hellos and children play. Many days, I come home to my son playing XBOX with his pal from next door. Other days, I find that they are playing basketball at his house. Many times, they are not to be… Read more

What is life?

June 28, 2015 Thoughts 0

“I have come that they may have life,and have it to the full.” John 10:10b Jesus made this statement to a group of breathing, walking, talking people. By all natural definition of the word, His listeners had “life”. What then, is this life Jesus speaks of? Is it possible that we have mistakenly synonymized “being… Read more

Now What?

May 6, 2015 Thoughts 0

This is where the story get’s really interesting. Something happens that I had never picked up on before and it is ever so applicable to our “Now what?” moments today as it was for Mary Mag 2,000 years ago. There are so many times in life when something comes to an end and we’re not… Read more