If I Could Have 1 Wish

Samuelhistoric reference: My family of 5 went to Disney World 4 years ago.

Samuel, my 7 year old son, and I have an evening ritual. I send him upstairs 30 minutes before lights out to brush his teeth and prepare for bed. Once he is settled in, he calls for me to come. In turn, I will smile and ignore him. After 2 or 3 attempts, I will hear his feet hit the floor as he runs to the stairs to make sure I am coming. I generally act frustrated for him getting out of bed which is punishable with a massive tickling. (note: I’ve found that it is always best Continue reading “If I Could Have 1 Wish”

Blessed are those who hunger for filet mignon…

SMILE2There was not a lot of extra money around my home growing up. I remember winters where my family of 4 would camp out in the living room all season. At the time, I believed this to be a fun tradition that other kids weren’t as fortunate to experience. As I came to a deeper understanding of the realities of life, however, I realized that this practice was a financial decision as it was much less expensive to heat one room of the old house Continue reading “Blessed are those who hunger for filet mignon…”

What Kind of Love Is This?

world HandsI have learned many types of love in my life. I have known forms of love for family, friends, neighbors, girfriends – I have actually loved all types of people. I have even loved people that I didn’t like. I believe that I have always been a loving person. This, combined with the fact that I have always enjoyed giving to others, has led me to believe that there are many people in this world for whom I would give my life. For many years, this has been my point of reference for understanding the love that God has for us. In other words, I thought God was a great guy, just like me. Until today… Continue reading “What Kind of Love Is This?”

Looking Up

Star GazingYou have heard it said, “When you’re at the bottom, all you can do is look up.” I have only recently realized that there may be an alternate truth coinciding with this one. When we find ourselves, along the sways of life, with some measure of altitude, it becomes our natural inclination to look down. We look down on those who have less than we do as if they are too lazy to acquire more. We look down on those who don’t understand as if they are too ignorant to see Continue reading “Looking Up”