Quotes from Catalyst ’09

October 9, 2009 Quotes 0

Catalyst ’09 is an amazing leadership journey lasting two days each year. This post contains many of the memorable quotes shared this year.

Learning to Understand My Powers

October 8, 2009 Thoughts 0

In Matthew 28, Jesus says, “all power in heaven and earth is given to me“…”and, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.” – WOW! All the power of the universe has been given to Jesus, and the spirit of Jesus dwells with me. Therefore, all the power in heaven and… Read more

Like a Child

October 5, 2009 Thoughts 0

“Act your age!” “You big baby.” “Are you 12 or 2?” “Oh, that’s real mature.” As a toddler, we want to play with the big kids. Pre-teens long for driving age. Our teenagers can’t wait for the freedom that comes next. And, as adults, we scold others with cynical comments when the weaker characteristics of childhood… Read more

The Law Won?

October 1, 2009 Thoughts 0

Yesterday, I was headed to the coffee shop for a meeting. my speed – 55mph speed limit – 45mph looking ahead – nothing to slow me down rearview – kingsport city police officer approaching

Thoughts @ Twilight

November 24, 2008 Thoughts 0

Upon announcing that the youth was invited to come out to the movies and watch Twilight with me, I was intrigued in a new way… History: I spent a great deal of time reading through the many reviews of this movie. I did this because I enjoy studying anything that reaches the culture of our… Read more