Review of “Quitter” – Jon Acuff

quitter-jon-acuffIt’s probably not fair to call this a review because I, quite honestly, can’t remember much from the book at all. In summary, I think the book is more of a 12 year autobiography on Jon’s career (if you can call flitting from job to job a career at all). The fact that he happens to be where he wants to be in life (for now at least) is little proof that what worked for him will work for others. The fact that this book was written such a short period of time after reaching his goal leaves little room to measure whether this approach will actually even be long-term successful for the author himself. I do like Jon, so I hope that he releases a book in 20 years or so called something cheesy like Sticking with the Dream where he shares all of the wonderful adventures that his dream job with Dave Ramsey has taken him on…

On second thought, unless Jon becomes a better writer, I don’t want him to write that book. I hope he delivers that topic as a speech at some futuristic leadership conference. I really and truly do enjoy hearing Jon speak. Given discussions with friends and reviews found on public forums, I may be alone in my critique; nonetheless, it is my honest assessment.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

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