Review of “What the Dog Saw” – Malcolm Gladwell

whatTheDogSawI have enjoyed the more focused works of Gladwell including Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers. What the Dog Saw makes a significant break from the style and pointed direction of these best sellers. Since the mid-90s, Gladwell has been a writer for the popular magazine, The New Yorker. This book is a collection of his favorite articles. Topics from Enron to hair coloring to dog whispering are found in this eclectic set of short stories. Some articles were absolutely intriguing while others left me wondering why he would ever want to write about something so mundane. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book, or series of many little books bound up in one cover, thoroughly. I found that it gave me the sense of getting to know Malcolm in a more personal way – a sort of filter to apply to the inspiring thought behind his other genius works.

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