“Thank You Power” – Deborah Norville

This book is a collection of somewhat-interesting to not-interesting-at-all stories about people who have had some level of success in some area of life who, in retrospect, give some amount of credit for their accomplishment(s) to an attitude of gratefulness. The concept of the book is simple: A grateful heart leads to a better life than a bitter heart. There, I just said in one sentence what Deborah Norville took 200 pages to say. While I do not disagree with the subject principle at all, I think some things are more effective when simply stated and meditated upon than when they are endlessly elaborated upon. In fact, if I did not have such an insatiable desire to finish what I start, I would have put this one down after 20 or 30 pages. That’s all I have to say about this one.

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