20 Insights from Rome

Here is a list of things I did not expect to learn on my recent trip to Rome:

  1. In Rome, you can order a Big Mac and Beer from the local McDonalds
  2. Speed limits are not necessary
  3. Actually, traffic laws in general are completely unnecessary
  4. Toilet seats are a rare commodity
  5. My family’s international diet pretty much matches our diet at home – pizza and ice cream
  6. Italy is nowhere close to where I thought it was on the map
  7. The USA apparently leads the international music scene
  8. It is possible to survive without Walmart
  9. Lady Gaga sounds the same live as she does on her CD
  10. My wife is very similar in features to beautiful Italian women
  11. Motor scooters are kind of cool
  12. Americans know nothing about parallel parking
  13. My daughters have the keen ability to find unique clothing boutiques anywhere they go
  14. I have no sense of direction
  15. My son has the best looking hair in all of Italy
  16. I can wear sandals for a solid week, when in Rome
  17. “Can you hear me now?” NO – Verizon is nonexistent in Italy
  18. Train schedules are almost as reliable as a plan to win the lottery for retirement funding
  19. When travelling to/from Italy, US Air finds it absolutely necessary to make an additional stop along the way. This stop could be anywhere from 4½ hours to overnight
  20. It is possible for a town to support an ice cream shop every 100 yards as long as you call your ice cream “gelato”
  21. My wife is generally right
  22. About the time I start to believe my wife is right, she is wrong about something
  23. I don’t keep count very well

One thought on “20 Insights from Rome

  1. you thought italy was below the us. hehe. but i like this it is very good and funny and it makes me want to go back to rome! and the train schedual was not the problem, i believe it was you(:

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