Absence and Full Realization

What is Heaven?

I hear stories about mansions, streets of gold and gates of pearl, but I believe it isn’t so. Logic doesn’t permit that an earthly sin (materialism) could at the same time be the essence of eternal bliss. It seems to me that the writers were simply doing the absolute best they could to paint a picture of the most wonderful things imaginable to the minds of their time.This would have likely been evident to present day readers. Only after a time when that which was most precious was altered do I guess that men began to take this literally. Today, the writer may very well describe heaven as “the ultimate gaming system” to a child or “endless lotto winnings” to the lower income class or “financial security, complete fulfillment and continual adventure” to many of the men in my personal circle. Regardless of the word picture utilized, it clearly falls short of describing the indescribable. Our mortal bodies and minds do not have the ability to comprehend the full presence of God. The words necessary to describe this glory have never passed man’s lips.

What, then, is heaven?

Though I can describe it for your mind’s eye no better than it has been done by my predecessors, perhaps I can shed some insight on how the soul of man will respond to heaven. Simply put, heaven is absence and full realization. I don’t imagine heaven to be very different when viewed from its sky looking down than this world we live in; only each citizen will feel more fully himself than man has felt since creation. In fact, the originally created state of mankind is probably quite a bit like heaven –

Absence of:

  • pain
  • betrayal
  • lies
  • stress
  • temptation
  • strife
  • sorrow
  • death
  • greed

and everything that has grown into our present state of life which limits full potential. So many things act as inhibitors to us. With those things removed, the full realization of who we are will shine through. All work will become joy and will be delivered with excellence. All relationships will be uplifting. All minds will act as the supercomputers they are. Each man’s giftedness will compliment that of his community creating perfect equilibrium. LOVE Himself will reign supreme. What this utopia looks like, I do not know; but what my soul will eternally sense is that which it has craved since my mind was developed enough to reason – absence and full realization.

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