Always You

My wife, youngest daughter and I took a trip to Baltimore last week. Circumstances made it more favorable for my eldest daughter and son to stay behind. On our second day out of town, I began my morning in usual fashion – praying for my wife and children.

Dearest God, Thank you for all of the amazing things you have given me. Thank you for the healing Savana will experience. Thank you for caring about the details of our lives. Please take care of Alexa and Samuel while I am away .

At this point my prayer is immediately cut off by a flood of insight into the implications of my prayer. It seems as if God was saying, “And just who is it that takes care of Alexa and Samuel while you are not away?” The weight of this question flooded light onto a fallacy I had previously not known was interwoven into my egotistical existence. “Of course it is always YOU who watches over my family“, I thought. As I meditated on this quite simple insight, I began to ask God to forgive me for every area of life where I look to my own capabilities first and bring God into the picture only where I feel I come up short. The confessions of my failed mindset are endless. Even now, nearly a week later, I am uncovering new ways to break down my personal strongholds and cast my cares on the Lord. I believe this is part of the renewing of mind described in Romans 12.

My prayers are increasingly shifting to,

God, I am ever so grateful for everything YOU are. Thank you for allowing me to be part of that work.
always YOU.”

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