Ayn Rand Betrays Herself

Ayn Rand boasts high regard for individualism in each of her writings. Yet, somehow, her heroes who stand alone never actually stand alone. Though I do love Rand’s zeal for the best in man and the consideration of anything less as an apostocy, her ideas that man is an end unto himself are betrayed by the fact that every story she writes simply cannot allow the hero to abide in isolation – Dagny Taggart and John Galt, Domonique and Howard Roark, Equality 7-2521(The Unconquered, Prometheus) and Liberty 5-3000 (Golden One, Gaea). Deep within the heart of Ayn Rand is the realization that lasting joy cannot be experienced in isolation. In at least this way, we are dependent on one another, and if in this way perhaps more. Though I despise the idea of socialistic interdependence, I know that nothing is of value lest there is a second party to ascribe that value through virtue of their desire to have it.

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