“The Message” (the Bible in contemporary language)

bibleI truly love the Bible, but for reasons different than one might think. While it is the narrative foundation for my convictions and beliefs, I love the Bible as an amazing work of literature, poetry, symbolism and world view. I continually find myself amazed by this compilation of 66 books written by at least 39 authors over a period of approximately 1,500 years. I know there are so many arguments about the missing books, potential contradictions, edits made by those in authority, credibility of authors, manipulated translations, et cetera. None of these discussions take away from my love for this work. Continue reading ““The Message” (the Bible in contemporary language)”

Review and Quotes from “The Alchemist” – Paulo Coelho

alchemistPaulo Coelho wrote The Alchemist in 1988. He believed it was the fulfillment of his purpose in life. Since that time, the book has been translated into 56 languages and has sold more than 26 million copies. The book has capture the attention and imagination of presidents, actors, business men and children. Some have seen the book as a wonderful story – fairy tale in nature. Others find inspiration to chase their dreams. Still others, believe the main point to be that the most important things in life are already in your grasp. My basis for reading the book came from the encouragement of my pastor to do so. I am not sure what he took from The Alchemist, but it must have been special since he has never been so adamant about his desire for me to read a book as this one. Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “The Alchemist” – Paulo Coelho”

Review and Quotes from “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?” – Andy Andrews

how-do-you-kill-11-million-peopleWhy the Truth Matters More Than You Think is the subtitle to this thought provoking book on what is seems we are not learning from history. The author clearly has an agenda and that is to try and get citizens of the USA to wake up from self-serving apathy and heed to principle coined by Andy Stanley as it regards the path on which our great country is traveling – “your direction, not your intention, determines your destination. The way that Andrews goes about prodding his readers is by reviewing a few major and horrific events in history, primarily focussing on Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. At every moment, the oppressed greatly outnumber the oppressors; nonetheless, they were led as sheep to the slaughter with very few instances of rebellion. How can this be? Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?” – Andy Andrews”

Review of “Quitter” – Jon Acuff

quitter-jon-acuffIt’s probably not fair to call this a review because I, quite honestly, can’t remember much from the book at all. In summary, I think the book is more of a 12 year autobiography on Jon’s career (if you can call flitting from job to job a career at all). The fact that he happens to be where he wants to be in life (for now at least) is little proof that what worked for him will work for others. The fact that this book was written such a short period of time after reaching his goal leaves little room to measure whether this approach will actually even be long-term successful for the author himself. I do like Jon, so I hope that he releases a book in 20 years or so called something cheesy like Sticking with the Dream where he shares all of the wonderful adventures that his dream job with Dave Ramsey has taken him on… Continue reading “Review of “Quitter” – Jon Acuff”

Review and Quotes from “Hold Me Tight – Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love” – Sue Johnson

HoldMeTight“Love pulled me in even as I pushed away.”

I read this book at the suggestion of someone I have been working with. While I am not sure I buy into the whole EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) concept, I do enjoy understanding things. Sue Johnson is a pioneer of EFT which basically took a 180 degree turn from where therapy had historically attempted to derive solutions. Therapist had historically (and many still today) worked to help people understand that they are self-sufficient, believing that once a person was confident in his ability to stand on his own, he could more easily connect and live in peace with others because there would be no pressure put on the other person to meet my needs. EFT, however, seeks to help people understand just how much they do need each other and helps to build solid relationships on the grounds of co-dependence. I am definitely over-simplifying it, but that’s the summary I took away. Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “Hold Me Tight – Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love” – Sue Johnson”