10 Things I Learned on My 1st Cruise

  1. One advantage of balding is that I am never approached for hair braiding in the Bahamas
  2. Cruise ship coffee is not up to my standards
  3. Running clothes smell really bad when not washed for a week
  4. Free ice cream cones and a desire to lose weight do not go together very well
  5. Watching the sun rise and set over the ocean in the same day is a real treat
  6. A cruise ship is one place where satellite Internet is of value
  7. I apparently look like someone who wants to buy marijuana
  8. Key West is much cooler than it was 15 years ago
  9. My family can still have a lot of fun together
  10. North Carolina is happy to offer a welcome home gift worth $160 to them for driving infractions on my return trip 

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