“Dracula” by Bram Stoker

Dracula - Bram StokerI recently found myself on a trip without a book in hand. This was quite disturbing so I made my way to the airport’s candy, magazine, neck pillow, headphones and book shop. Nothing there caught my attention. I recalled a point in the past when I have downloaded a large selection of books from the “free” category on Kindle without even looking to see what they were. This prompted me to browse that list and see what was in my digital grab-bag. To my delight, I came across “Dracula”. This was exciting because modern history is flaunted with vampirical tails and, to the best of my knowledge, this began with Stoker’s tail.

The novel is well-written and definitely worth the read. Toward the end, I found myself longing for more detail in the events surrounding the enemy’s demise. I am not sure if this indicates a break from the character and story building in the early parts of the book or if i just didn’t want it to come to an end. Either way, it shows that my attention was not lost as the tail evolved.

I am happy to have read this book and will gladly classify it as a keeper among the “great classics” that have about a 50%-%50% “great” rating in this critic’s mind.

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