“I like TV church, Pops” – Penelope

PenelopeThe Sunday routine has been drastically altered.

I have enjoyed gathering with friends and acquaintances to talk, sing, learn and seek collective inspiration on a weekly basis most all of my adult life. As recently as 3 months ago, I would have thought the absence of this social routine would have left a great void in my life. While I do look forward to reuniting in with the Church for church, it is different now – more like the way I look forward to a coming concert or sporting event. The anticipation is exciting and the event will be great…

…once, and probably on some infrequent occasions.

Our new Sunday norm has been refreshing and I am not ready to give it up. Christ Fellowship has done an outstanding job of creating virtual community during this season. Sunday services are produced with excellence! I have the tools at hand to sing, listen and learn – things I always had. I also have the freedom to relax, dance, and pause for discussion in a way I didn’t realize I craved. Further, this all happens with my 3-year old granddaughter by my side. She can laugh, fuss, play, eat, and dance without concern for the interruption it might cause to others. As opposed to standing in my spot and singing in unison, Penelope and I dance across the living room while belting out joyful praises! It doesn’t look like church, but I imagine it represents heaven much more closely than our well-intentioned, well-designed routine.

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