Politics and the S.E.C.

I followed the months leading up to the Red/Blue matchup closely and with much anticipation. The results of the November 6th battle, for the first time in my life, were going to have a clear and direct effect on me. So – in addition to commaradori, legacy, background and location – I had purely selfish motives for my support of the Red team. Both teams had entirely different strategies, and both seemed well prepared.

In the end, my team – the Red team – lost. Now that it’s all said and done, I have but one thing to say…

GO BLUE!!!!!

How can that be? One might think me a simple bandwagon hopper, but that is not the case at all. First of all, I am not and have never been a devout fan of the Red. It just so happens that their game plan so closely aligns with my own idealistic views thus earning my favor this go-round. The second, and more deeply seated reason I am now cheering for the Blue is best stated through a football illustration.

I love college football and, as long as I can remember, I have especially loved Alabama football. There is such a legacy with this school’s program that I have rejoiced in her great moments and been troubled by her struggles, while in all cases loved her for who she is. There are times, however, that I cheer vehemently for Alabama’s greatest rivals. You see, Alabama is part of the Southeastern Conference (the SEC). I believe the SEC to be the greatest conference in all of football. It is always my desire to see BAMA representing the SEC and vying for a NCAA championship. There are times, however (in fact more often than not) that a rival team (like LSU or Florida) makes this an impossibility because they have been declared the victor in some battle along the way. The SEC champion is quite often represented in the NCAA championship. In those cases, I am an all out fan of a team that I opposed throughout the regular season. Though my heart lies with Alabama, I will always support the SEC.

The same is true of politics. I have greatly supported the policies of the Red on this go-round; nonetheless, I am an absolute diehard fan of the U.S.A. and my support thereof is unwavering regardless of what color represents this great country at present.

Go Blue! God bless the U.S.A.!

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