Quotes from Catalyst 2012

Great vision without great people is irrelevant. – Andy Stanley

If u don’t know why it’s working when it’s working, you won’t know how to fix it when it breaks. – Andy Stanley

Don’t complain about what’s going on in the building; YOU r the church! Go out and do what’s right, period. – can’t remember

Don’t confuse celebrity with leadership. – Geoffrey Canada

Often, in order to step toward your destiny, you must move from your security. – Craig Groeschel

Don’t define yourself by what God is doing through others. – Matt Chandler

We’re all theologians; it’s just that some of us are really bad at it. – Matt Chandler

If your not facing resistance, your not moving forward. – Craig Groeschel

If you are not leading with a little uncertainty every now and then, you are not living by faith. – Craig Groeschel

While I would love to meet the God you speak of, I’ve no desire for the God in your life. – personal thought

Nothing you make will make you who you are. God has already determined that. – Jon Acuff

Want fame? God knows your name! – Jon Acuff

God will never be handcuffed by your failures or released by your successes. – Jon Acuff

Our God is not the god of better, He is the god of new. – Jon Acuff

All praises to the One who made it all …and finds it beautiful. – Gungor

Most of us are getting paid to do what traditionally leaders gave their lives to do. – Perry Noble

It is better to be marked by God than to be marketed by man. – Christine Caine

NO means Next Opportunity – Mark Burnett

Nothing would happen if we always waited for certainty. – Mark Birnett

We are all more than the worst thing we’ve done. – Bryan Stevenson

Your talent will open the door, but only your character will keep you in the room. – Christine Caine

Nothing can kill you quicker than the spotlight. – Christine Caine

God always seems to deliver right in time, but not necessarily right on time. – Random Girl on Sidewalk at Catalyst

Jesus showed us that the deepest wounds can lead to empty tombs. – Perry Noble

The redemption God has given you is not just for you. – Bryan Stevenson

It’s better to make a difference than to make a point. – Andy Stanley

Leaders are made one response at a time. – Andy Stanley

You may be called, but you need to be equipped. – Any Stanley

The greatest thing you do as a leader may not be what you do, but who watches you do what you do. – Andy Stanley

This world would have us believe we were made to consume, but Genesis 1 teaches that we were made to make. Go – create. – Andy Stanley

Influence is more important than title or position. – Andy Stanley

It is your response to opportunity, adversity and calling that makes a leader. – Andy Stanley

When there is trust, conflict seeks out truth; otherwise, it’s just politics. – P. Lenioni

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