Reconsidering Scars

Today, as I sit and watch my beautiful Savana’s comeback to volleyball, I am reminded of the painful journey the last few years have been for her. She has made it through and today marks one of the great personal milestones she had set for herself on the road to full recovery. My daughter understands pain and she has the scars to prove it. She has always tried to hide her scars feeling an insecure sense of privacy over her surgeries along with a clear disdain for their ever-remaining evidence. Just last night, however, she shared a story about swimming class and an inability to hide her scars. Instead of being upset, she was smiling. You see, the scars had invoked a great deal of attention and interest on the part of her peers allowing her to share the amazing story she has to tell.

Though Savana’s scars will fade with time, she has found new purpose in their presence and will here forward embrace them as part of her life story, an inspiring story of courage, endurance, strength and faith that is definitely worth telling.

Perhaps we should all reconsider our scars.

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