Why I Hate Trench-Coats…and Scott

trenchcoatI remember the first time I realized that I was not on target in the world of fashion. I was in 5th grade at Indian Springs Elementary. All of us were in the lunch room. I had arrived late so I did not get to sit next to my friends. As I sat in the only seat available, I saw my buddies all in a row facing away from me and noticed something very intriguing about their jeans – all four of them had the exact same label above their right butt-cheek, “Levis Straus”. Now I know that more high fashion brands have hit the mainstream since 1982, but back then, Levis jeans were what the cool kids wore. I checked my jeans and couldn’t find a label at all. I knew that I wanted to fit in – as if what I wore was necessary to maintain their approval – maybe it was. Continue reading “Why I Hate Trench-Coats…and Scott”

Review and Quotes from “Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me – a memoir… of sorts”

Jesus-my-father-the-CIA-and-me“I was all kite and no string.”

One section of my bookshelf includes books that were given to me, which I have never read. I was skimming through this selection of books given to me, picked up at conferences or set aside for “free time” when this title caught my attention. I remembered receiving it at a Catalyst conference a couple of years back. I wasn’t in the mood for another business or theology book so I picked this one up. I am glad I did.

Ian Morgan Cron takes us on a journey of his life growing up with an alcoholic father. Though reading, I felt as if I were experiencing the stories alongside him. Continue reading “Review and Quotes from “Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me – a memoir… of sorts””

The Impossible Scenario – “a tale never told”

illusionIt leaves me just as bothered, if not angry, today as it did in 2nd grade…He does not address the question that has burned in me since childhood:

As children, many of us were taught the parables of Jesus. Approximately the same number of us received the pseudo-wise interpretations of these parables from some well-intentioned Sunday school teacher or pastor. Over the years, I have come to believe that the intended meanings are much simpler than we have contrived – similar to many of my poetry analysis classes throughout Honors and A.P. English. However, one of these well-known parables has bothered me immensely throughout my life – The Parable of the Talents. Let me set the stage. Continue reading “The Impossible Scenario – “a tale never told””

thank God for old Mrs. Hankles

ColoringOutsideTheLinesMany of us were taught about apples, floods, giants, whales and a cross during our childhood. Approximately the same number of us received this information from someone like Mrs. Hankles. Mrs. Hankles symbolizes the 3rd grade Sunday school teacher we all had. The one who wouldn’t let you and your best friend sit beside each other. The one who scowled at you for laughing – after all, “this is God’s house; show some reverence.” Mrs. Hankles was the one who we all knew snuck out back to take a couple of draws from her Pall Mall while we quietly colored outside the lines of Peter on water, Stephen being stoned, and Jesus on a cross. We all wondered why she taught this class if she hated us so much. Was she trying to make up for some past sin? If so, it’s hard to believe her approach  toward this attempt at penance would offer much redemption… Continue reading “thank God for old Mrs. Hankles”