Why I Hate Trench-Coats…and Scott

trenchcoatI remember the first time I realized that I was not on target in the world of fashion. I was in 5th grade at Indian Springs Elementary. All of us were in the lunch room. I had arrived late so I did not get to sit next to my friends. As I sat in the only seat available, I saw my buddies all in a row facing away from me and noticed something very intriguing about their jeans – all four of them had the exact same label above their right butt-cheek, “Levis Straus”. Now I know that more high fashion brands have hit the mainstream since 1982, but back then, Levis jeans were what the cool kids wore. I checked my jeans and couldn’t find a label at all. I knew that I wanted to fit in – as if what I wore was necessary to maintain their approval – maybe it was. Continue reading “Why I Hate Trench-Coats…and Scott”

The Wolf of Wall Street (a collection of thoughts – or lack thereof)

WolfWallStreetMany movies, television shows and publications begin by letting you know that some of the material may not be suitable for children. This particular movie should have began with something like, “This movie contains scenes, language, innuendoes, sarcasm and other trappings that are probably not suitable for any living creature. Regardless of your particular bent, race, orientation, religion or other defining state of mind you will probably be offended in some way. Enjoy.” Continue reading “The Wolf of Wall Street (a collection of thoughts – or lack thereof)”