The Law Won?

Yesterday, I was headed to the coffee shop for a meeting.

  • my speed – 55mph
  • speed limit – 45mph
  • looking ahead – nothing to slow me down
  • rearview – kingsport city police officer approaching, but it doesn’t look like he has clocked me
  • my reaction – slow down to 49mph (surely he won’t pull me over for that)
  • next few minutes – irritated at my situation of having to drive sooooo slow
  • the opportunity – officer makes a turn onto another road
  • my face – smile
  • what next – back past 55mph to 65mph to make up for lost time

As I was speeding, once again happily, on toward my destination – I wondered at the state of my emotions. I was not running late. I had no need to break the law. Yet, I was miserable for those moments that I felt the need to live under the 45mph law. Further, I was joyful when my luck turned and I was once again able to break free from the turtle bondage I was under and fly freely.

We so enjoy doing things that we shouldn’t. Everything in us desires to cross the line. It makes no difference where the line is. If the speed limit had been 80mph, I would have felt the desperate need to go 85 or 90. Why is this? Is this true for you too?

Reminds me of something else I’ve heard, Romans 3:19-24

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