The Wolf of Wall Street (a collection of thoughts – or lack thereof)

WolfWallStreetMany movies, television shows and publications begin by letting you know that some of the material may not be suitable for children. This particular movie should have began with something like, “This movie contains scenes, language, innuendoes, sarcasm and other trappings that are probably not suitable for any living creature. Regardless of your particular bent, race, orientation, religion or other defining state of mind you will probably be offended in some way. Enjoy.” I knew all of this prior to buying my ticket, but I wanted to see it anyway. I have always enjoyed movies about the stock market and business. Whether this was simply my justification to see something with excessive nudity or my true motive, I can’t be sure. Anyway, I went to see the show and I am not sure if I am glad I did or wish I hadn’t. It’s not that I am indifferent; I truly can’t decipher my own emotions and thoughts. For that reason, my review will be short – unlike the movie (counting previews, this lasted 3 hours).

The Wolf of Wall Street is basically a 3 hour highlight reel of exorbitant amounts of sex, profanity, alcohol and drugs. At times you will laugh. At times you will gauk. At times you will cringe. Regardless of your “in the moment” reactions, you will most likely walk away with little to remember, and even that little is something you may want to forget.

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