Thoughts and Quotes from “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell is one of my favorite authors. To my knowledge, I have read everything he has published. The style of this book is somehow different than Gladwell’s previous works. Somehow he is able to morph himself into something completely different with no loss to magnificence.

Best read of the 2019!

It’s hard to capture the essence of a story book in a collection of quotes; nonetheless, here are a few quotes I marked along the way:

  • The issue with spies is not that there is something brilliant about them. It is that there is something wrong with us.
  • Doubts are not the enemy of belief; they are its companion.
  • We tend to judge people’s honesty based on their demeanor.
  • You have to ask yourself where and when you’re confronting the stranger – because those two things powerfully influence your interpretation of who the stranger is.
  • What is required of us is restraint and humility.

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