“Wanna Dance?”

Penelope 2yr BDayCommonplace activities morph into lifetime memories when experienced alongside the wonder of a child.

I have been called a lot of names through the years. My forever favorite is “dad” or any variation thereof. Stacey and I have 3 wonderful children. I have loved every phase of their lives. As of late, my role has changed from caregiver to counselor. They are magnificent humans seeking to live life well. I am so proud of who they have become.

Over the last couple of years a new name has surfaced for me – “pops”. This is what my beautiful granddaughter calls me. I love her so very much. We enjoy playing together each evening when I come in from work. She knows that for a short period every day, she will have my full attention. Little phrases like “Hold you – okay?” grab my heart.

There have been a couple of occasions where my work day has been full and I feel the need to just sit down and let my brain change over for a few moments when I arrive home. This is unusual behavior in Penelope’s world because she is very used to super-energetic play time kicking off as soon as I arrive. Being a clever young lady who knows I do not respond to whining, she crafted a wondrous approach to get me going.

One evening, I came home and did not pick her up and rush off to play. I simply sat on the couch to relax. Instead of getting upset with me, she made sure music was playing on the Google speaker – the Moana soundtrack. Then she walks over to me, leans against my knees, looks at me with those magnificent eyes, and says softly “Hey pops, wanna dance?” In an instant, my tired soul is revived and I am whirling across the living room with a joyous little girl in my arms. It was a great evening!

I now strive to see through the weights of the day and find opportunities to dance. Thank you, Penelope.

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