What Kind of Love Is This?

world HandsI have learned many types of love in my life. I have known forms of love for family, friends, neighbors, girfriends – I have actually loved all types of people. I have even loved people that I didn’t like. I believe that I have always been a loving person. This, combined with the fact that I have always enjoyed giving to others, has led me to believe that there are many people in this world for whom I would give my life. For many years, this has been my point of reference for understanding the love that God has for us. In other words, I thought God was a great guy, just like me. Until today…

This morning, I was reminded of the love that I have for my children. This love is different from any other kind of love I have ever known. My passion for each one of them combined with the fact that they came into this world completely dependent on me resulted in a new form of selfless love where for the first time ever it really was not all about me. And though I really believe I would be willing to give my life for another, there is no one in this world for whom I would give up any one of my children. Yet, God willingly gave His Son’s life for mine. I now understand this to be a love that I do not understand. For me, it is incomrehensible. These words, known from my youth, have come alive in me today…

“For God so loved the world, that He gave is only Son…” – WOW!

(The thoughts of this post were spurred on by comments and insights shared by Greg DePriest in the October 25 service at Christ Fellowship.)

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