WWJD? – Remodeled and Improved

We all remember the WWJD? bracelets that became a pop-culture symbol in times past. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I have always hated the question. Now, there was something at the core of “What would Jesus do?” that I felt was good, but the question itself missed the mark altogether. First of all, I believe it set people up for failure – you see, I’m not Jesus. Perhaps it’s nice to think about what Jesus would do if he were in my place, but I can never measure up to that standard – the failure. Secondly, I feel that it gave people an easy excuse. Of course Jesus would do the right thing all the time. If I had knowledge of the future, full understanding of my environment, could read people’s minds, had thousands of angels at my call, and had the ability to perform miracles at will I, too, would always make perfect decisions. But you see, I do not have those capabilities – an easy out – the excuse.

Recently, I listened to a NorthPoint Community Church podcast series where Andy Stanley posed a different question – “What would a person in my exact situation and circumstances do if they were sure that God was with them?” Or stated even more personally, “What would I do if I truly believe that God is with me?” This question captures and perfects what I believe WWJD? was trying to accomplish. Imagine a person who walks through life knowing that the God of the universe is with him. Humility and confidence walk hand-in-hand. Fear is vanquished. Life takes on continual purpose. Failure is impossible. God is glorified in everything I do. The essence of the gospel is communicated without words.

The Bible gives us a few examples of people who walked with continual knowledge of God’s presence in their lives. One of those guys is Joshua. Joshua had just been appointed as the leader of God’s chosen people. He was the replacement for Moses. Most people would be scared to death. In fact, Joshua likely trembled at the shoes he was expected to fill and the responsibility that his life now held. So, God speaks to Joshua with a message that I am confident changed his life. “No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Joshua 1:5 From this moment forward, we read of Joshua’s triumphs over the kingdoms of Canaan. Joshua knew that God was with him. Imagine what l ife would be like for you if you knew that God was with you. You too, would believe that no man can stand against you. The great thing is that God has promised just that to every believer. In Matthew 28:20, He has committed “I am with you always, even to the end of the world.” Proceed with the absolute knowledge that all power in heaven and earth is with you.

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