“The Message” (the Bible in contemporary language)

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I truly love the Bible, but for reasons different than one might think. While it is the narrative foundation for my convictions and beliefs, I love the Bible as an amazing work of literature, poetry, symbolism and world view. I continually find myself amazed by this compilation of 66 books written by at least 39… Read more

Review and Quotes from “The Alchemist” – Paulo Coelho

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Paulo Coelho wrote The Alchemist in 1988. He believed it was the fulfillment of his purpose in life. Since that time, the book has been translated into 56 languages and has sold more than 26 million copies. The book has capture the attention and imagination of presidents, actors, business men and children. Some have seen… Read more

Review and Quotes from “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?” – Andy Andrews

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Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think is the subtitle to this thought provoking book on what is seems we are not learning from history. The author clearly has an agenda and that is to try and get citizens of the USA to wake up from self-serving apathy and heed to principle coined by Andy… Read more

Review of “Quitter” – Jon Acuff

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It’s probably not fair to call this a review because I, quite honestly, can’t remember much from the book at all. In summary, I think the book is more of a 12 year autobiography on Jon’s career (if you can call flitting from job to job a career at all). The fact that he happens… Read more

Review and Quotes from “Hold Me Tight – Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love” – Sue Johnson

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“Love pulled me in even as I pushed away.” I read this book at the suggestion of someone I have been working with. While I am not sure I buy into the whole EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) concept, I do enjoy understanding things. Sue Johnson is a pioneer of EFT which basically took a 180… Read more