Review of “Total Money Makeover” – Dave Ramsey


I was getting ready to take my daughter to volleyball practice and walked over to the bookshelf. This is when I realized that my planned reading had not been planned out too well – I had already finished all of the books on my shelf, at least the ones I planned to read. That book from the money guy was on the shelf. Its binding had never even been cracked. I had received it for free a few years back. Feeling more frustrated at the thought of wasted time than the thought of unnecessary reading, I took the book with me. After all, it can’t hurt. Ramsey’s ideas are good and he is a good speaker (realized this at the conference where the book was handed out).

It only took about 10 pages for me to realize that this book is something I should have read when I first received it. I have always sought to be a good steward of finances. In fact, that is why I don’t typically read these types of books. I either feel that I don’t need the book’s advice or feel that I am too wise to buy in to the loop-hole magic genie finances so many proclaim to have found the secret to. You see, Ramsey understands me. He knows that I want to be diligent with the things that I have been given and he knows that financial peace and well-being can only be achieved through hard work and careful planning. I can buy into that! Ramsey’s writing style keeps your attention well. Further, his practical advice and useful planning tools make this book a must read. I hope to instill the principals of this book into my children while they are still impressionable.

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