Become Beautifully Unfashionable
Become Beautifully Unfashionable

Become Beautifully Unfashionable

Quotes from Unfashionable – Tullian Tchividjian

“Many people are restless and yearning for meaning that transcends this world.”

“There’s an irrelevance to pursuing relevance.”

“Those who are dislocated from culture carry the power to change it.”

“Though we may embrace the Bible’s integrity, we have a hard time embracing its sufficiency.”

“Besides revealing the truth about God, the Bible reveals the truth about us.”

“The gospel isn’t only about reestablishing a two-way relationship between God and us; it also restores a three-way relationship among God, his people, and the created order.”

“We think of ultimate redemption as being redemption from the body, not of the body; redemption from the world, not of the world; redemption from the material, not of the material. This, however, goes against what the Bible clearly teaches about redemption.”

“This world belongs to God, and he’s in the process of gaining it all back, not giving it all up.”

“God doesn’t simply rescue us from our sin; he also rescues us… to take up again the assignment we were created for.”

“Christ’s miracles were not the suspension of the natural order but the restoration of the natural order.”

“Jesus doesn’t do funerals.”

“God’s ultimate purpose for Christians is not to bring them out of this world and into heaven but to use them to bring heaven into this world.”

“By his common grace God upholds the created order and restrains evil so that the effects of the Fall aren’t as bad as they would otherwise be.”

“In saving us God has fully equipped us to carry out the cultural mandate he originally entrusted to us.”

“When we don’t have a clear sense of what makes us different, we lose our ability to make a difference.”

“We’re the people of the future, formed by the past, and living in the present.”

“Few of us know what is means to actually love the world with the kind of passionate, visionary love that sent Jesus from the heights of holiness into the depths of a sin-sick culture.”

“Jesus didn’t invite the world to come to church; he directed the church to go into the world.”

“Consider this: salt and light have no effect without first making contact with something.”

“As Lord, Jesus not only calls us to himself; he also calls us to break with everything that conflicts with his lordship.”

“He’s telling Christians to become practically what they already are positionally… We must become what we are.”

“People who don’t trust those around them live lives of self-protection from others rather than of self-sacrifice for others.”

“Christians are to understand that we’re owners of nothing and stewards of everthing.”

“The secret to true encouragement is learning to see God’s reflection in others, not just in Christians but in everyone.”

“Our value is tied not to what we do but to whose we are, namely God’s.”

“Each time a Christian sins, he’s momentarily suffering from an identity crisis.”

“So in everything we’re to speak in a way that reflects how God has treated us.”

“The fact that we’ve been eternally loved and accepted by God is a mark of his unconditional grace, and our loves ought therefore to be marked by the same unconditional grace.”

“Become beautifully unfashionable.”

“The only place outside of heaven where one can be perfectly safe from all the dangers of love is hell.”

“Your longing for acceptance isn’t a bad thing. God, in fact, created you for acceptance. This longing, however, was meant to be satisfied by God alone.”