The Virtue of Gratitude: A Reflection in the Spirit of C.S. Lewis
The Virtue of Gratitude: A Reflection in the Spirit of C.S. Lewis

The Virtue of Gratitude: A Reflection in the Spirit of C.S. Lewis

In a world perpetually rushing forward, gratitude awaits discovery like a hidden treasure. As C.S. Lewis once remarked,

“We ought to give thanks for all fortune: if it is good because it is good, if bad because it works in us patience, humility, and the hope of our eternal country.”

A Remedy for Restless Hearts

In a world characterized by ceaseless longing, gratitude serves as a remedy for restless hearts. It shifts our gaze away from the elusive horizon of desire and towards the present moment, where treasures can be found hidden in plain sight. Gratitude enables me to say, “This is enough.”

Gratitude in Adversity

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of gratitude for me is its application in adversity. Lewis wisely noted it’s within challenges that patience, humility, and hope are forged. Adversity molds us into beings capable of enduring storms and remaining steadfast.

The Humble Heart

Gratitude reminds me that I am not the master of my own destiny but merely a recipient of gifts that are bestowed upon me. A heart filled with gratitude recognizes that life is a complex tapestry woven by many hands, including the divine.

A Link to the Eternal

Gratitude, Lewis suggests, directs our gaze towards our “eternal country.” It is a bridge between the temporal and the timeless, a reminder of our ultimate destination. Through the lens of gratitude, I glimpse the enduring values and joys that transcend the fleeting moments of my earthly existence.

Cultivating Gratitude

To cultivate gratitude, I must first open my eyes to the wonders around me. I must learn to appreciate the ordinary as extraordinary and the mundane as miraculous. It is a practice that involves pausing in my relentless pursuits in order to savor the small, everyday gifts that grace my life.

In a world often deafened by the clamor of ambition and desire, let me heed the wisdom of C.S. Lewis and embark on a journey of gratitude. Let me embrace this profound virtue and allow it to shape my character, fortify my spirit, and guide me toward eternity. For in gratitude, we discover the riches of the present moment and the promise of an everlasting joy.