The Death of Joy

Quite literally…

On this day of 1960, Joy Davidman Lewis stepped forward into life, true life. In the wake of this event stood a man grieving the loss of his wife. The thoughts and considerations of the months that followed gave us C.S. Lewis’ A Grief Observed.

Somewhat emotionally…

As I consider The Word, many catalyst are given for resulting joy – salvation, victory, children, singing, harvest, wine, tears, rescue, home, marriage and many more. While I have experienced many joyful moments, the greatest and most sustainable joys have come through my relationship with Stacey, God’s chosen – my bride. Upon respectful memory of Joy Lewis, I find myself somewhat horrified at the death of joy that could befall my own life if Stacey were released. While I believe we have come together, in part, that we might have some hint of eternal joy; I do not reason that my primary source of joy is in proper balance.

Lord, please accept my recognition of this as a plea for assistance. May Your joy be my true strength until that day when my joy is made complete (John 16:24).

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