Who is I AM?

Only one living and true God exists, infinite in my being and perfection. I AM completely pure spirit, invisible, without body, parts, or erratic emotions, unchangeable, immense, eternal, incomprehensible, almighty, completely wise, totally holy, utterly free, thoroughly absolute, working everything according to the considered purpose of my own unchangeable and righteous choice, resulting in my own glory. I AM most loving, graciously giving to the undeserving, full of mercy, patient and abounding in goodness and truth. I forgive man’s wickedness, purposeful choice of evil and falling short of my call to holy life. I reward those diligently seeking me. My judgements are just and awesome. Hating all sin, I never declare the guilty innocent.

I possess all life, glory, goodness and holy joy in and of myself. I alone am complete within myself, not needing any of the creatures I have made, nor deriving any glory from them. Rather, I announce my glory in, by, to and on them. i alone am the source of all being, of whom, through whom and for whom all things exist. I have sovereign control over everything, to do by, for or on whatever pleases me. All things are open and unhidden before my oversight. My knowledge encompasses everything, continues without error and remains independent of creation. Before me nothing is contingent nor uncertain. I AM completely holy in all my determinative purposes, in all of my works and in all of my commands. Angels, people and all other creatures owe to me whatever worship, service or obedience it pleases me to require of them.

– Derived from The Westminster Confession of Faith (Ch.2 – Sec. 1 & 2)

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