13 Notes on Wisdom
13 Notes on Wisdom

13 Notes on Wisdom

  1. “When I suffer a setback, I don’t think of myself as losing, I’m simply learning how to win.” – Ted Turner
  2. “Successful people make the right decisions early in life and then manage them daily.” – John Maxwell
  3. “Direction – not intentions, hopes, dreams, prayers, beliefs, intellect, or education – determines destination. EVERY TIME.” – Andy Stanley
  4. “When we disagree, let’s not assume it’s HIS reasoning that needs correction.” – Francis Chan
  5. “When your memories exceed your dreams, the end is near.” – Andy Stanley
  6. “You cannot learn very much about excellence from studying failure.” – unknown
  7. Don’t use “average” as the barometer against which performance is judged, use “excellence”. – unknown
  8. “When you delegate tasks, you get followers. When you delegate authority, you develop leaders.” – Craig Groeschel
  9. “Being stubborn is a virtue when you’re right; it’s only a character flaw when you’re wrong.” – Chuck Noll
  10. “Each of us must take responsibility for our attitude. If you want today to be a good day, change the way you look at it.” – Michele Mitchell
  11. “Persistance I believe is the one trait that any ordinary person can use to become extraordinary.” – unknown
  12. “Too many people pray for mountains of difficulty to be removed when what they really need is the courage to CLIMB them.” – unknown
  13. “Prayer is never an acceptable substitute for obedience.” – AW Tozer