Living Life Well
Living Life Well

Living Life Well

The title of this site is Matthew Cleek – living life well. The past few years have taught me the value of a balanced life. This has been driven home through the instruction received at Christ Fellowship. Luke 2:52 gives the ultimate example of this, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” I have heard it said that some Christians are so heavenly minded they are of no earthly value. I believe that God has called us to live an abundant life for His glory.

There are many areas of life to consider:\r\n

  • Emotional – For a season, my approach to handling emotion was to deny its existence. This gave the feeling of stability for the periods of time between internal overloads. I am now learning to express emotion without losing my sense or reason.
  • Intellectual – I regularly engage in activities to increase in learning and the gathering of wisdom. I read my Bible daily and many books that will bring value to other areas of interest.
  • Social – I am learning the value of relationships. While my relationship with God is secure, I have learned that He created us to live in community. I seek to surround myself with the right kind of people and am learning to cultivate true friendships.
  • Spiritual – I am continually growing in this capacity. Though at times I feel disappointment in this arena, I understand that “my flesh has not yet learned what my spirit knows.” – Greg DePriest
  • Physical – This aspect of life is balanced beginning today. My history has either maintained too much focus or too little focus here. I have a plan…

LLWTAE – Living Life Well Twitter Accountability Experiment 26 pounds in 3 months (206# –> 185# by February 17, 2010) My approach includes:

    1. Getting more rest: I choose to get in bed a little earlier
    2. Do not get overfocussed: I will continue to rise early for time alone with God. I will get excersie without taking time from my family. I will seek out and grow healthy relationships. I will keep life balanced.
    3. Exercise daily: I choose to excercise before the daily schedule kicks in. This is the only time of day I have complete control over and I will use it wisely.
    4. Moderation in eating: I choose to eat fair portions, avoid diet schemes and deny late night cravings.
    5. Accountability: This is the big kicker. My greatest successes in life have never been accomplished alone. I am strong, but stonger with others. However, it is difficult to ask someone to accompany me to all my meals and to be at my house by 5:30a for a daily run. Here’s where LLWTAE comes in. I have decided to make my goals public and have began tweeting those goals and my progress. My hope is that Twitter will serve as a sort of virtual accountability partner. Feel free to join my twitter accountability team – @mwcleek