Greg DePriest Quotes
Greg DePriest Quotes

Greg DePriest Quotes

Greg DePriest is my pastor, mentor and friend. I recently began taking note of the pieces of wisdom he has shared. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Remember that during a test, the teacher is most always silent.
  • Being right doesn’t always take care of what’s wrong.
  • I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t walk with a limp.
  • My life is a finished work, all I have to do is live it out.
  • We are more wicked and sinful than we could ever believe and we are more loved and accepted than we could ever hope. That is the gospel.
  • When I live life as if anyone depends on me, I become a slave to my own strengths and weaknesses.
  • We have too many granola Christians in the world today – fruits, flakes and nuts.
  • God is never moved by need – He responds to faith alone.
  • The greatest offering of worship is more than a decision; it’s a life of decisions for God.
  • The Holy Spirit is not weird.
  • Faith, love, family, vocation: There is no dynamic where there is no joy.
  • It is impossible to fight an enemy that has a fort in my head.
  • No opinion I have is worth severing a relationship.
  • My flesh has not yet learned what my spirit already knows.
  • There is no ‘testimony’ without a ‘test’. Your effectiveness is directly correlated to your experiences in life.
  • We are sealed by the Holy Spirit; therefore, a saved person cannot be possesed – though he may be oppressed.
  • Where there is spiritual immaturity, there will always be rampandt immorality because there is no strength to resist the desires of the flesh.
  • Your predominant thoughts will determine the direction of your life.
  • As our children grow, they will mirror those things we care most about.
  • Those who have experienced true freedom have made a choice to do so.
  • As a Christian, I am no longer a slave to sin; therefore, it is no longer a matter of trying to defend against sinfulness, it is instead a matter of controlling myself.
  • It’s not what happens, it’s how you respond that matters.
  • You will never face a situation in life that God has not already prepared a way through.
  • God cares more about your relationship with Him than He does about your marriage. If anything, no matter what that is, comes between you and Him, He will eventually let if fail so that you are clearly drawn back to Him.
  • Happy sheep reproduce.
  • David (of the Bible) is a cross between Bono and Rambo.