Why I took CHRIST out of Christmas (and feel good about it)
Why I took CHRIST out of Christmas (and feel good about it)

Why I took CHRIST out of Christmas (and feel good about it)

It’s Christmas Eve and I am so excited! Presents are wrapped; Santa is prepared; dinner will be cooking; friends and family will be gathering; cookies and fudge will be devoured – all is well. The interesting thing is, I’m not focused on a manger, wise men or a bright star. In fact, I’m not really focused on Jesus at all. I am focused on having a great time with my kids, enjoying a couple of days off from work, reading a good book, eating with family this evening, seeing friends for coffee and cookies tonight, opening presents tomorrow, putting the things we bought for our kids together and playing the day away.

My unchecked conservative Christian tendencies tell me that I should feel bad about this. “Isn’t Jesus the reason for the season? Have you succumbed to the values of this world? Are you backslidden altogether? What’s next – Xmas?” As I consider these thoughts, I realize that I probably have taken CHRIST out of CHRISTmas…

…and I’m ok with that.

Actually, I feel pretty good about it. You see, I don’t feel the need to throw the token acknowledgement toward angel-filled skies at this time of year. I have indeed taken Christ out of Christmas and chosen to make Him a part of Thanksgiving, Halloween, Independence Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, August 17th, September 28th, June 3rd and every other day of life.

I actually believe the Jesus story as more than a story. For me, the story of Christmas is an everyday occurrence. Every day, I see God showing up in lives and places just as interesting as those He encountered more than 2,000 years ago.

I’ll go on appreciating the true meaning of Christmas every day, but at this time of year, I’m going to enjoy every aspect of the secular festivities a life of every day Christmases has made me fortunate enough to celebrate.

Merry Christmas!