Thoughts and Quotes from “Think Like A Horse” By Grant Golliher
Thoughts and Quotes from “Think Like A Horse” By Grant Golliher

Thoughts and Quotes from “Think Like A Horse” By Grant Golliher

Greg DePriest began as my pastor and evolved into a great friend and mentor in my life. I’ve often shared quotes and thoughts I’ve gleaned from Greg’s teaching and sharing.

Think Like a Horse: Lessons in Life, Leadership, and Empathy from an Unconventional Cowboy,” read like a recap of everything Greg has taught me over the past 20+ years.

Here are a few quotes from the book:

  • The words we choose to use when describing a person, or a horse, are powerful indeed because they reveal what we believe. Our beliefs determine our actions, and our actions determine our destiny.
  • Words go straight into your soul.
  • We create our worlds with our words.
  • Holding on to resentment and anger is like drinking poison and hoping someone else will die.
  • Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.
  • If you compromise your boundaries for the sake of the relationship, sooner or later you will lose the relationship.
  • Respect comes before friendship.
  • Make the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult – and give them the freedom to choose.
  • A boundary is not a physical constraint or a punishment. It’s a line of choice with a consequence attached for crossing it.
  • At times, a boundary isn’t between us at all; it is used to say “Stay here with me” rather than “Stay away from me.”
  • Be slow to take and quick to give.
  • There is a point where you just have to get on and expect the best. Face your fear, let go of control, and trust that things will work out.
  • You must give trust in order to get trust.
  • Honor the slightest try and the smallest change.
  • Trust is not just a feeling. It’s also an action, and it’s a process that happens over time.
  • Respect comes before friendship.
  • Discipline without love is abuse, but love without discipline is also abuse.
  • Be as soft as you can but as firm as necessary.
  • If you deal with an attitude, you don’t have to deal with an action.
  • On the surface, anger and fear might look the same.
  • Dealing with an attitude doesn’t always mean being harsh or disciplinary.
  • Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. – Walter Anderson
  • It was more about connection and relationship than methods.
  • Even in our darkest moments, we do have a choice about how we react.
  • It’s easy to be bitter, but it’s hard to live that way. – Steven Millward
  • Failure just means you figured out what doesn’t work.
  • If you never fail or make mistakes, you’re playing it so safe you’re hardly living at all… There are two reasons for this: either they’re too scared or they’re too proud.
  • Pride and fear might seem like very different things, but they have the same end result: you stop moving, stop learning, and stop growing.
  • There’s little growth in the comfort zone and little comfort in the growth zone.
  • The greatest challenge he faced was coming home.
  • Under pressure, we learn who we are.
  • It’s struggle that gives things value. – Micah Fink
  • Purpose… is a way of living every day.
  • Humility is not putting yourself down or denying your strengths; rather, it is being honest about your weaknesses. – Rick Warren
  • Your title makes you a manager, your people will decide if you’re a leader. – Bill Campbell