Thoughts on Fear and the Future

I came across a quote today. It comes at a time in life when I have trouble looking to the future with faith. All my past experiences lead me to understand that God is faithful in all things and that He desires to prosper me and my family to His glory. This review of personal history should provide ultimate confidence in the steps I am taking. However, I find myself lying sleepless with fear of future failure.

When the past becomes more glorious than the future, we’ve got a problem.

– Greg DePriest

This is new for me. Fear has never been a driver in my life. I have often counseled others that, while fear is a gift to keep you motivated, it is never intended to be the driver for decisions. Nonetheless, I am now involuntarily rejecting my own advice. I have sought out the basis of my trepidation and have discovered a distinct difference in my past successes versus my current plans. Historically, I have rested in the absolute conviction that each and every opportunity is afforded through the providence of a greater power. This allows for peace that the outcomes are carried by that same force. And now, for reasons I have yet to ascertain, those outcomes have intellectually transferred to my shoulders. This is not of God.

Lord, grant me rest. Allow me to see the future, once again, through eyes of faith trusting in Your promises over me and walking steadfastly confident in the vision You have given.


Greg DePriest is a great friend and mentor in my life. I have previously shared collections of quotes gleaned from his teaching and sharing. Those can be found at:

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